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In business, relationships are usually defined by the level of customer service. It’s certainly no different in the custom home building industry. As a matter of fact, our extreme focus on client service and individual needs are as well defined as the blueprint we work from.

We Hold Both Hands – Both Harry and Helene have set the standard for “hand holding” throughout the entire building process. Understanding that building a custom home can be a daunting task, we always go the extra mile to ensure a sense of comfort and confidence in all phases of construction.

Our Team – We have worked with the same team of sub-contractors for years (in some cases over 40). They are responsible for ensuring that Hollub Homes’ standard of excellence is maintained throughout the job. And because of the cohesiveness, our team takes on a sense of site ownership.

Architects & Designers – We work with numerous architects and designers locally and nationally. We embrace creative collaboration with architects and designers pre-selected by our custom home clients. However, our expert resources are available to those custom home clients who have made no predetermined selections in this regard.

Vendor Benefits – Because of the outstanding relationship with our subcontractors and vendors, our customers are afforded favorable pricing on goods and materials and exceptional workmanship.

Expert Building and Design Assistance – With our 62 year history, our industry knowledge is second to none. Our suppliers even meet with us for feedback and comments on their products.

Location – Our corporate office is located where we work. We’re close to all of our homes and visit all of our sites daily.

Fiscal Responsibility – Our estimates are fully transparent. This means no hidden charges or “added costs” throughout the building process. As a matter of fact, we consider fiscal responsibility to be a true sign of craftsmanship and quality.

Deadlines – We revere deadlines and schedules. It’s pretty simple – when we say we’re going to do something, we do it, whether it’s delivering a new door or a 12,000 SQ FT home. Our respect for deadlines is an extension of the respect and trust you have put in us to build your home or renovation.

Property Acquisition – Sometimes building a home is the easy part. The hard part may just be finding the perfect spot to build it. Since we’ve been instrumental over the years in building many South Florida communities and purchasing hundreds of individual lots, we know what’s available and can help with all aspects of a purchase. Many of the lots we purchase are not listed but acquired through word of mouth.