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Designs From the 2011 International Contemporary Furniture Fair

At the Furniture Fair, Sustainable Furniture Gets Playful

The table lamp is laid-back, and no wonder. Created by Peter Stathis, a San Francisco industrial designer, for Joby, a San Francisco consumer products company, Trapeze has the easygoing affect of a Bay Area windsurfer on a fair-trade coffee break.

The Best-Looking, Hardest-Working New Storage From ICFF

This year at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, designers couldn’t seem to decide whether to put form or function first. The result: Great looking, forward-thinking storage. Our boring bookshelves are getting nervous…

The Best Of Design Week: Rafael de Cardenas’s First Furniture Line

Believe us when we say that we saw enough furniture and design at last weekend’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair to make our eyes bleed. So coming upon Rafael de Cardenas’s new show at Johnson Trading Gallery was like arriving at an oasis in a big desert of faux deer heads, silkscreened bird silhouettes, and assorted Read more…