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Smart Construction

Smart Construction can mean various things. Hollub Homes uses the term as a measurement of highest-quality and building excellence in all our custom homes and renovations. But it’s more than just that – we assume the responsibility of stewards of the environment. Though our homes and renovations add great aesthetic in the communities we build, the real beauty comes in our caring and nurturing of the environment as well. Indeed, Hollub Homes is recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council (“USBG”) as a builder participating in the LEED ( “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design”) for Homes Pilot Demonstration, with a commitment to actively promoting the transformation of the mainstream home building industry toward more sustainable practices.

Our mandate for green construction and sustainable building materials is a core concern for our homes in that they can:

  1. maintain or improve the quality of life within the local climate, tradition and culture.
  2. conserve energy, resources and use recycled materials.
  3. reduce the amount of hazardous substances to which human and other organisms are (or may be) exposed.