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Harry: Very happy about the way the house has turned out. Working with your company has been a pleasure. No GC is better than the subcontractors they use and every sub that has worked on house has been great on a technical and personal level. Robbie has been terrific. We are going to miss starting most days with Robbie at the house once the job is complete.. If you ever need a letter or verbal reference, please let me know. Thanks.

C. Nielson

Have I mentioned how much I have enjoyed working with you and Hollub?  I am sure this job is not an easy one and I want you to know how much I appreciate all that you have done. I’ve had previous experience with a project manager of a home project… there is no comparison. Thank you!!!!

Lorena D.

We selected Hollub Homes after meeting with no less than five contractors. Harry sent us the proposal on a Sunday afternoon, merely days after our initial meeting, when the other firms took over a week to send anything at all. It was a good sign that we had found a builder that was hardworking and responsible, and we knew then that they were the obvious choice for our family.

If you are a local, you have probably seen their orange and white logo sign displayed outside many of Pinecrest’s finest remodels and spec houses. Their dedication to high quality and perfectionism has made them the “go to” for those in South Florida looking for a high-end custom home builder or those looking for someone specializing in large scale home remodeling. Their finished product is simply unparalleled by others in the field; in fact, it could only be described as “next level.” Tile is symmetrical and artfully grouted, walls are smooth, lighting is perfectly centered. Paint jobs are clean and smooth, the job site cleaned daily and the workers and respectful and warm when you drop by to check up on the progress.

Hollub Homes repeatedly uses the same subcontractors and have relationships with them that adds an additional layer of security to the project. You can trust that they will show up to work, not walk out on the job, or not pilfer materials from the job site.

Now, they are admittedly not the least expensive contractor in town, but you will pay in spades later to undo the mistakes that others with less experience will unknowingly make. With Hollub on your side, you can rest assured that it will be done right. If it’s not done right, they will see to it that it’s fixed at no additional cost to the client. That piece of mind is something you cannot put a price tag on in this business.

Lastly, the Hollub Homes team is a pleasure to work with. Not only are they exceedingly knowledgable, they are reachable and friendly while also maintaining that professionalism that is so important in this field. We had the pleasure of working directly with Aaron Hollub, who served as our advocate and the team leader as we navigated the turbulent waters of a whole home remodel.

While things may have not gone as planned, as they always do, Aaron made sure that we were making the right decisions for the long run and also explaining our options to us as the homeowner in ways that were easy to grasp. For example, we discovered our windows’ roll down shutters were not secure and eventually needed to be replaced. We made the decision to replace them with impact glass now rather than later, a decision we weighed heavily. Aaron and Harry walked us through our options and detailed the implications and hard costs for each.

There are three generations of expertise to draw on within their firm, which gave us an added piece of mind. Harry was on top of our progress and readily available for meetings and would often stop by the site to check up on progress. Aaron was there daily, sometimes all day long, or would come back multiple times a day. Mari and Ashley, and of course their dog Lulu!, were all gracious and welcoming when we had to meet in the comfortable and beautifully appointed Hollub Homes office in Pinecrest.

As their slogan says, Hollub Homes is “Relationship Built.” They don’t just build great houses, but strong relationships with their clients who can count on them for years to come. We are so pleased we selected Hollub Homes for our project and love living in the beautiful dream house that they made for us a reality.

– Jessica and Adam Moskowitz

We built our dream home with Hollub and had an amazing experience. The entire team made sure each step of the process helped us achieve exactly what we wanted. Each person involved, from the architect to plumber, wiring contractor to stucco guys, took an interest in the project and its success. When dealing with Hollub Homes you always have someone to turn to. As a realtor, I also recommend them many times for new construction as well as remodeling.

-T. Spiegelman

I hired Hollub Homes to do some updating on a home that I bought. It was a rather large job, taking approx 12 months to complete. As part of the process some of the projects we completed was to replace the roof, replace all of the flooring, put in a new kitchen, replaced the drive etc..

I can say without a moment of hesitation that dealing with Hollub Homes was one of the best experiences I have had in dealing with any company in any industry. From day one in our relationship they were very honest and transparent on everything from the true costs of each component of the the job to the expected time it would take for each task to be completed.

Hollub Homes sets the standard of true excellence in home building.

-A. Carlin

Good morning Harry and Helene,

First and foremost I want to congratulate you and your family once again for 60 years of exceptional work. It’s a marvelous achievement to celebrate the level of quality, attention to detail and love that each one of your homes exudes. You and your amazing team have both been such wonderful examples of kindness and consideration to all. Your company has built long lasting relationships and the acknowledgement through out the years of everyone that has been in some way in touch with the Hollub Homes family was more than evident with the admiration of all the attendees at the event.

The turn out was impressive, we all had such an amazing time, the house is stunning. Overall it was a wonderful evening.

I want to thank you once again for making us part of this project that as you said is one of a kind among all the previous homes you have built over the past 60 years. We are all excited to see what the future holds, what other spectacular homes are to follow and hopefully if you honor us with your trust again we can be part of them. Bois Chamois looks forward to working with you and your team in many more projects to come.

Happy anniversary and may you enjoy many more years more!

Warmest Regards,

Alexa Marin: Account Executive – Bois Chamois

During the past 25 years, My wife and I have hired Hollub Homes to do significant renovation work on three of our homes. There are many reasons we’ve continued to use them. First and foremost, the quality of their workmanship (and that of their subcontractors) is second to none in the South Florida market. In addition, we know we can trust the management team to carefully supervise all aspects of the job and deliver an exceptional finished product on time and within our budget! Finally, but no less importantly, we appreciate the professionalism and integrity displayed by every member of the Hollub Homes team who have dealt with through the years. They stand behind their work and have always been ready to do whatever is necessary to ensure our satisfaction.

I unhesitatingly recommend Hollub Homes to friends and colleagues every chance I get.

-Don Blackwell

It is a pleasure and a privilege to write this letter of commendation for Harry Hollub and Hollub Homes. The Hollub name has stood for excellence in building throughout South Florida for more than 50 years. Harry, and his sister, Helene, have continued that tradition of excellence and have taken it to a superior level of service, not only to their homebuyers but to their charitable work as well.

Their unwavering dedication to quality and customer service is second to none. Their sensitivity to the needs in our community is exemplified in the formation of their foundation, Hollub House, and their commitment to helping others in the community through the foundation.

When Harry and Helene reached out to put a new roof over the heads of an elderly and indigent mother and daughter team who were barely protected from the elements with the old leaky roof that was in place, they found that the whole house needed massive repairs.

Although they could have just replaced the roof and walked away, that would not have been consistent with the work ethic and philosophy of life instilled in them by their Dad, Marvin Hollub, the founder of Hollub Homes. With the help of family, friends and sub-contractors, Hollub Homes created a totally updated, renovated, clean and safe house for these two women.

We work with many wonderful builders in the South Florida community. However, when Hollub Homes was selected as the 2006 Builders Association of South Florida’s BEST Awards “BEST of Show” winner, it was a fitting tribute to the company and to its legacy that Harry and Helene have nourished with their dedication to excellence.

They are winners by any construction standards you might use to judge them, and they are winners where it really counts in the great relationships they “build” with their customers and within the community they love and care for. These builders care! They are the BEST!


Toni Pacelli-Hinkley
Executive Vice President
Builders Association of South Florida

Dear Harry,

It is hard to believe that it is almost two years since we decided to have Hollub Homes build our house. Little did we know that a quick recommendation would turn into an unforgettable experience. From beginning to end, it was nothing but a seamless almost trouble-free process. However, when few issues did arise, you and your subs were all over-it and did whatever it took to make it right.

This is still amazing considering we were close to buying a house already on the market. Only after speaking with your team did we decide to build our own. You kept your promises, met your deadlines, stayed within budget and delivered one of the most beautiful homes I have ever seen!

It’s tough when your reputation precedes you. But, you delivered and delivered big. We’re glad we’re now part of the Hollub family! In fact, crazy as it sounds, we had such an awesome experience, we were almost sad when the house was finished.


Annette and Fred Baddour

Harry and Amy,

Thank you so much for the absolutely delicious dinner from Joanna’s! How great it was to not have to worry about our first meal in the house. And the smiley face cookies are the boy’s favorites! I have no doubt that you are the only builder who sends dinner to their clients. This whole process has been such a pleasure – You and Amy and your entire family have been amazing. What should we build next?

Dr. and Mrs. Billy Trattler

Good morning,

Just read the beautiful article in the Herald of your success to help a family in need.

It’s so nice to know you were able to do this and contribute not just money which is the norm but to provide the actual service of your professional work and livelihood.

This mitvah-deed is huge!! Congratulations! Here’s to another Hollub success.



Dear Harry,

After the fiascos most of us experienced in rebuilding after Hurricane Andrew, it was with trepidation that I approached my major addition and remodeling project. I interviewed and researched no less than five contractors before deciding that Hollub Homes demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and quality. My choice was clear; Hollub. I particularly liked that Hollub is family-owned, and enjoys a long-standing relationship with excellent sub-contractors as well.

As the building process began, it was reassuring to hear my architect mention how impressed he was with the foundations, footings and overall quality of work (Kudos to Red Dot Construction, your hard working sub-contractor for the CBS shell). All of the work was well orchestrated by Hollub, and your availability for any question I may have had was gratifying. I never felt that I had any barriers to “talk with Boss”. I always knew I had your complete attention whenever I talked with you, Harry, thank you for that courtesy.

I must mention a main reason that my master suite addition turned out so beautifully, was the invaluable guidance of your sister Helene (the interior design star of the family!)

Robbie Bishop was also instrumental in my project, as a resource, and for his experience in dealing with building trades. He has the patience of Job and the stamina of the energizer bunny! His easy going manner helped ease some of the necessary logistical problems that arise. His respect (as your foreman for my project) grew from the other contractors, and the collegial relationship was obvious. Robbie accomplished miracles in many instances.

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone interested in having a solid, quality home. Thank you Harry, and Helene for a successful completion of my project, and for restoring my faith in a company which lives up to its commitments and reputation.

Every concept and idea that I envisioned was brought to reality by Hollub Homes. Thanks to you, I now own the home of my dreams.


Catherine M. Hayes

Dear Harry:

The idea of buying a spec home was interesting. As you know, I’m a guy who has a great appreciation for details. And for someone buying a “custom home” rather than building it from scratch, I missed the chance to “kick the tires ” during construction. However, after walking through our new home, I had little doubt that there wasn’t a detail missed and we were buying a home of such amazing quality and workmanship. Obviously, it must have come as no surprise when we wanted only Hollub Homes to design and build our addition. So besides getting the best construction in South Florida, I now get to kick the tires!


Loyda & Guy Lewis

Dear Harry and Helene:

We have built over 15 new homes over the years. After speaking with friends, the Hollub reputation led us right to your office…and subsequently to one of the most amazing spec homes I’ve ever seen built. I never knew it was possible to capture one’s personality in a home, but you did. The home has become the gathering site for my entire family. And for that I thank you and your team. We invite anyone who is considering a Hollub Home to call your very satisfied customers. As you know, I had the opportunity to work with your staff on a daily basis. You should be very proud of the team you have put together (still can’t believe that some of your subcontractors have been working with Hollub for close to 30 years). You didn’t miss a detail, even going as far as building our home next to some amazing neighbors!

Best Wishes,

Helaine & Ed Lucente

Dear Harry and Helene:

For the past ten years, my wife and I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Hollub Homes and their exceptional collection of subcontractors on several renovation projects on our homes in the Falls, Pinecrest and, most recently, Pine Bay Estates South – a Hollub Homes development. Each time, Harry Hollub and his staff have provided us with a level of service and a caliber of workmanship that, we think, is unequaled in the South Florida construction industry. When quality, responsiveness, and customer satisfaction are critical to a home construction or renovation project, there simply is no better place to turn than Hollub Homes.


Cyndy & Don Blackwell

Dear Harry:

I don’t know how you could have done anything else to make a renovation any easier. During the process, it was as if your team were invisible…well almost. My wife was as impressed with your team of subcontractors as she was the work. Their outgoing personalities and passion for excellence is something that you rarely see in business, let alone building! I have nothing but great things to say about Hollub Homes, especially the pleasure of working with Harry himself. He watched the “bottom line” in regards to where and where not to spend money. We were provided the almost perfect estimate. And we’re still somewhat dumbfounded how you could do so much work and have it still look like the original house. If you need publicists for the company, just let us know…though your reputation seems to be doing a good job on its own!

Best Wishes,

Barbara & Gary Davis

Harry and Helene:

We just want you to know how thrilled we are with our “new home.” Obviously, we knew a renovation would make a huge difference, but seeing it complete – well that’s another story. However, you understood what we wanted and just “took off” with some amazing designs. It was truly uncanny how your team could select materials which made our upgrade look as if it were part of the original home. The entire process was seamless and if you ask our neighbors, they will tell you they barely knew you were there! Since the renovation process was so easy the first time, we’re doing it with you again!


Ellen & Robert Gutlohn

Harry and Helene:

We have always heard renovations are a stressful process. Whomever said that, obviously never worked with Hollub Homes. We were extremely impressed by all aspects of the project. We are telling all our friends and family about the wonderful experience we have had with you. With renovations being so exciting, others may just forget about buying a new home and upgrade what they have. (I’m sure you didn’t want to hear that!) Thanks again for giving our home a second life.


Daniela Zanzuri-Beiner and Ed Beiner


Since we have been happily living in a Hollub Home for 25 years, moving to another house was never an issue. So our decision to renovate became paramount; and our decision to again work with you was easy. Thanks for making us part of your team during the entire process. We loved the first home you built for us and by working in partnership with you, we felt a closeness during the entire upgrade. From start to finish, we could be involved in the process. Any questions that we had were quickly answered. Because of this, our decision was the right one for years to come!

Thanks again,

Dr. Brian and Carole Weiss

We used Hollub Homes for a major renovation of our home. We were extremely satisfied. Our project was far reaching. Harry Hollub was a pleasure to work with. He was always professional, offering many alternate ways to tackle a problem. His crew was reliable, courteous, and extremely professional. We had a designer, who worked closely with Harry, and between them they resolved the details required to deliver a great product. Our designer who works locally, nationally and internationally, was very impressed with the superior quality of work.

We cannot say enough about how satisfied we were in working with Harry and Hollub Homes. Throughout the entire project they were professional, reliable, helpful, honest, and a pleasure to work with. When our project was done, we were so satisfied that we even briefly considered, selling our renovated house and building a new house, because the whole experience was so pleasant.

We would highly recommend Harry Hollub, and would work with him again.

Jacqueline Green, MD and John Grossman, MD

Hollub Homes, Inc.

In deciding to remodel our Pinecrest home we considered many things. Of course, cost was a factor, but more importantly we were looking for a contractor who we knew would provide us with the quality and the full service project supervision we were looking for. We’d done a smaller remodel job before with a lesser contractor and had major issues with quality and supervision and we didn’t want to go through that again. Purely based on community reputation and our ability to see completed projects we knew Hollub Homes could be the quality, full service company we wanted.

Our project which lasted about 18 months had many issues that arose, some project delays and the unavoidable frustrations that come with any construction project. Throughout all of this, even at the times we thought we could take no more, Hollub responded to our calls, dealt with our issues and made things right. Harry Hollub was easily accessible, and very easy going which helped in all of our interactions with him…he’s a pleasure to work with.

Now that we are finally finished, we are glad we made the choice that we did. We are now living in a beautifully renovated home that we love.

Yours truly,

The Zahn Family

Happy Holidays to all.

I will never forget all that Harry and the wonderful people at Hollub Homes did for my mother and myself almost 2 years ago. Every time I see my beautiful kitchen, the washer and dryer, and every thing else I was given through the Wish Book and your contractors I think how I blessed I am. My Mother was able to enjoy her home and stay in a healthier environment till she went home to heaven. May God richly Bless you and your families.
Much Love and Thanks,
Kathy Bergerson