7 Tips to Get With a New Minimalist Mentality

Posted By Post Date: 21. Feb. 2013

Years ago, when my children were little and our home was awash in toys, laundry and papers — to name the top three categories of stuff I found overwhelming — from time to time, when I was feeling exhausted and entirely beleaguered, I would imagine our house burning down. I really wanted to lose only the laundry room, the playroom, a closet or two and several cupboards, but I [...]


Posted By Post Date: 20. Feb. 2013

Almost everyone in the design world has a file folder or 20 of inspirational images pulled from magazines, books, and catalogs. And lately, some designers are using Pinterest to create a streamlined, digital version of their files. The social bookmarking site makes it easy to create virtual boards you can fill with images from all over the web –or your own desktop—so you can easily keep track of your inspirations, and [...]

Top 10 Most Talked About Interior Design Trends for 2013

Posted By Post Date: 20. Feb. 2013

We are looking forward to fascinating interior design projects in 2013 and by the looks of things, our expectations will be met. Even though we can not anticipate how most of the projects will look, we ran across some interesting trends for this year, which we would like to share further. Here are the top 10 most talked about key tendencies in interior design for 2013: #1. A New Relationship [...]

Miami’s Boom Time

Posted By Post Date: 26. Dec. 2012

LAURE HÉRIARD DUBREUIL may be thoroughly Parisian, but she considers herself a Miami tour guide. “I have so many requests from friends for where to go and what to do,” said Ms. Hériard Dubreuil, who co-founded the boutique the Webster, on Collins Avenue, in 2008. “For the past five years, I was always going through my email, cutting and pasting and sending.” Since opening store the store, which stocks labels [...]

Buying Beats Renting in Most US Cities

Posted By Post Date: 26. Dec. 2012

For people who are willing to stay put for a few years, buying a home has become a much better deal than renting in almost every major housing market in the nation. In more than 75% of the 200 metro areas analyzed by real estate listing web site Zillow, homeowners would reach a “breakeven point” — where owning the home makes better financial sense than renting it — in three years or less. “Historic [...]

The Kitchen That Ate the House

Posted By Post Date: 26. Dec. 2012

Earlier this year, builder/architect Mohamed Hadid put the final touches on a 5,000-square-foot space in Beverly Hills, Calif., with whitewashed oak and limestone floors, hand-carved crystal chandeliers, two flat-screen televisions, a dining table that can seat 16 and a large couch overlooking a sleek gas fireplace. The space, which opens to manicured gardens outside, isn’t a new estate home. It’s a kitchen. Long the de facto central gathering space of [...]

Improving Market Gives Homebuyers New Choices

Posted By Post Date: 20. Jul. 2012

Despite a nationwide drop in new housing starts last month, South Florida’s improving housing market has led to many new developments and increased alternatives for home buyers, the Sun Sentinel reported. Now that Floridians are finally feeling enough confidence in the housing market to buy, they are being faced with the hard choice of whether to purchase new or existing houses. Many are taking the leap and buying new. [...]

Miami Home Prices Rose in April, While the Foreclosure Rate Fell

Posted By Post Date: 20. Jul. 2012

Miami’s housing market got another double-barreled dose of good news from the numbers crunchers Tuesday: Home prices in the greater Miami area are up from their bargain-basement lows, while the percentage of homes in the foreclosure process — though still at jawdropping levels — continues to shrink. Home prices in greater Miami rose 3.2 percent in April from a year earlier, according to S&P’s Case-Shiller Home Price Indices. For the [...]

Housing Passes a Milestone

Posted By Post Date: 20. Jul. 2012

The U.S. finally has moved beyond attention-grabbing predictions from housing “experts” that housing is bottoming. The numbers are now convincing. Nearly seven years after the housing bubble burst, most indexes of house prices are bending up. “We finally saw some rising home prices,” S&P’s David Blitzer said a few weeks ago as he reported the first monthly increase in the slow-moving S&P/Case-Shiller house-price data after seven months of declines. Nearly 10% [...]

South Florida Housing Prices Are Up Year Over Year

Posted By Post Date: 26. Apr. 2012

It looks like home values hit bottom in late 2011 — retreating to 2002 levels — and are creeping upward now.But experts caution that the trend may not last. Say good riddance to the bottom of the housing market. After giving up a decade of value, home prices are on the upswing in South Florida and ahead of much of the nation, according to two key national indices released Tuesday. Some [...]