The Best Of Design Week: Rafael de Cardenas’s First Furniture Line

Posted By Post Date: 26. May. 2011

Believe us when we say that we saw enough furniture and design at last weekend’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair to make our eyes bleed. So coming upon Rafael de Cardenas’s new show at Johnson Trading Gallery was like arriving at an oasis in a big desert of faux deer heads, silkscreened bird silhouettes, and assorted porcelain bullshit. (more…)

Dedicated to Going Green? Follow These 10 Easy Steps

Posted By Post Date: 26. May. 2011

RISMEDIA, April 26, 2011—Given the pressing environmental challenges facing the world, one day just doesn’t seem like enough to celebrate the earth and make long-term environmental changes. Why not use this month as inspiration and make a commitment to do environmentally friendly activities throughout the year? (more…)

Chinese Drywall Complaint Center Issues Warning To Florida & Texas Homeowners

Posted By Post Date: 26. May. 2011

The Chinese Drywall Complaint Center is warning homeowners specifically in all of Florida, and or the metro areas of Houston, and Austin, Texas, and or homeowners in Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana who have Knauf Tianjin Chinese drywall in their home, or condominium to get signed up with the New Orleans Federal Court Multi District Litigation, as opposed to allowing the homebuilder to gut, [...]

Key West Home Featured in Florida Design Magazine

Posted By Post Date: 02. Feb. 2011

Check out Florida Design magazine’s recent article on our Key West house offered for sale in Pinecrest.

The Hollub Hat in Aspen

Posted By Post Date: 25. Aug. 2010

This Hollub hat had a great summer in Aspen. We hope you had a great summer too!!

Hollub Home Featured in Burn Notice Season Finale Tonight-9 PM on USA

Posted By Post Date: 08. Aug. 2010

Our newest Hollub Homes, the “Car Lover’s Estate” will be featured on USA Network’s Burn Notice Tonight at 9PM.

Hollub Renovations

Posted By Post Date: 20. Jul. 2010

New EPA regulations regarding lead based paint may affect you. Protect yourself and the environment. We at Hollub Homes are Approved Lead Safe Renovators and stay current on technology, technique and regulations. Lead Poisoning, a Stubborn Nemesis By MIREYA NAVARRO Contamination among young children has dropped sharply in the U.S., but in poor urban areas it remains a challenge…. read more

Hollub Homes 56 years

Posted By Post Date: 20. Jul. 2010

Drywall Problems May Just Be Beginning – Go With a Builder You Can Trust

Posted By Post Date: 27. Jul. 2009

Don’t think twice about the drywall used in your new home. Buy a Hollub Home!!! Hollub Homes has two new construction homes built with commercial grade, 5/8 inch, fire rated and mold resistant drywall. All the “Chinese drywall” is ½ inch.  See the article below and statistics which illuminate the problem. (more…)

The colour of the future?

Posted By Post Date: 01. Jul. 2009

Li Edelkoort says she’s never been wrong in her predictions of lifestyle trends – so where does she think design and fashion will go next? Less consumerism, less individualism and lots of grey, she tells DEIRDRE McQUILLAN ‘WE HAVE BEEN living in a period of marketing, not creativity,” says Li Edelkoort. Her name may not have household resonance in Ireland, but in many industries Edelkoort [...]