Hollub Homes Featured in Miami Agent Magazine

On April 26th, Hollub Homes was awarded nine Prism Awards from Florida Atlantic Building Association (FABA). The Prism Awards are known as Florida’s premier building industry distinction. Of the awards the company received, Hollub Homes was presented with the prestigious Best of Show award for the second time—the first was in 2006. In addition, the homebuilder received Prism Awards in Overall Residence, Bath/Master, Library, and Kitchen for its Interior Designs.

Hollub Homes, legendary custom homebuilder and renovator in South Florida, prides itself on creating connections with its customers and the community—“relationship built” is its motto. The company, which has been in business for over 60 years, has laid foundations in moral responsibility and value for its customers. These relationships do not end once a home in complete. Rather, they continue over the years and many newcomers become second time clients.

Hollub Homes would not be where it is today without its history of family business, which the company attributes its growth and success to. Marvin Hollub sold the first Hollub home in 1954. Properties in Miami that were sold for just thousands of dollars then are now, generations later, worth over $1 million. Recently, Amy Hollub sold one of Hollub Homes’ properties for about $3.43 million in Pinecrest, Fla. Amy Hollub’s son will soon be joining the family business as the third generation, which will help to take the company to the next level in terms of growth and expansion.

Amy Hollub, vice president of real estate sales for Hollub Homes, joined the family business after practicing law for almost a decade. Avatar Real Estate exclusively represents Hollub Homes through Amy Hollub, who is also an award-winning Realtor associate there. Avatar is Miami’s premier luxury boutique real estate brokerage in South Florida and it utilizes innovative marketing strategies to promote the luxury homebuilder.

“We try to use innovative materials because in this industry you need to be on the cutting edge,” said Amy Hollub.

It is important to the company to integrate that into its homes. For example, Hollub Homes makes its properties as energy efficient as possible. By going the extra mile, this alleviates extra burdens from its clientele and creates a seamless experience for them. Amy Hollub said, “At Hollub homes, we go one step farther to try to make it really incredible and special for customers—from a design standpoint and from a technology standpoint. The reason we’ve affiliated ourselves with avatar is because they do the same thing, only with real estate.”

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