Florida’s Best Awards 2000 – Quest to be the Best

Posted By Post Date: 15. Sep. 2011

ABOUT SOUTH FLORIDA’S BEST AWARDS 2000. HOLLUB HOMES SPECIALIZES IN CUSTOM HOMES IN BEST NEIGHBORHOODS. The best career advice is to find something that you like to do and do it well. Clearly, Hollub Homes took that advice and found their niche building custom homes in the best areas of South Florida….

Hollub Homes Enters the South Florida’s Best Competition

Posted By Post Date: 15. Sep. 2011

For three consecutive years, Hollub Homes has entered the South Florida’s Best competition, which evaluates products and professionals in the building industry. Every year the Hollubs walk away with their hands full of awards. This year the firm added 10 awards to those won in previous years…

Patriarch Built Family Construction Firm From Ground Up

Posted By Post Date: 15. Sep. 2011

Son, daughter follow lead, come on board company. This is one of the occasional series of stories on South Florida home builders. During a torrential rainstorm some years ago, a pool under construction behind a newly built house popped out of the ground.