Owner's Representation

Building Relationships, Ensuring Quality

As an Owner’s Representative, the Hollub team ensures that its clients interests and project goals are fully represented in all stages of design and construction. Hollub works in collaboration with the architect, interior designer and construction team to ensure your project stays on schedule and on budget. Our representation services include:

Early Involvement – Hollub will get involved early in the design/construction process to understand and assess the needs of our Client and establish goals to ensure those needs are met.

Development Assistance – Based on Hollub’s assessment, Hollub will then assist the Client in establishing a budget, while providing value engineering during the process.

Effective Planning – Hollub works with all the architect, interior design and contractors to coordinate and schedule all workflows.

Value Engineering Analysis – Hollub provides input early in the design phase on to help reduce cost and reduce future change orders and field issues.

Budget Control – Hollub continuously monitors progress to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

On-Site Representation – Hollub provides on-site observation to ensure that all work is being done in conformance to the plans, industry standards and our best practices which we have developed over 65 years.