Something new and unique

Renovating a house requires as much attention and focus as designing it from the ground up.

Identifying the key aspects of the structure, the essence and spirit of a house, and have a vision of what this can reveal through a renovation process is what we are known for. Like a sculptor with a block of marble, we see the potential, and transform it into a work of art, maintaining what is possible from the original structure and blending with new work to enhance the house and its living experience.

Renovations are a team effort, and we have the best architects and builders joining forces with us, and with you, the client, to create something new and unique.

Hollub conducts a complimentary consultation to discuss budget and goals for renovations.

Benefits of our renovation process include:

  • Evaluation and viability of renovation
  • Cost analysis
  • Same core craftsmen who work on our custom homes
  • Schedule flexibility to meet customer needs
  • Master craftsmen in material continuity
  • Vast supplier network available for cost efficiencies


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