Improving Market Gives Homebuyers New Choices

Despite a nationwide drop in new housing starts last month, South Florida’s improving housing market has led to many new developments and increased alternatives for home buyers, the Sun Sentinel reported. Now that Floridians are finally feeling enough confidence in the housing market to buy, they are being faced with the hard choice of whether to purchase new or existing houses. Many are taking the leap and buying new. Since the market bottomed out, those shopping for homes have found that they have more financing options than they did a few years ago. Banks, thanks to federal incentives, as well as builders, are now starting to offer mortgages. Since it is often easier to qualify for a loan through a developer’s finance division, the incentive to buy new projects is high.

“I thought it would be so much easier to move into somebody else’s house,” said Rebecca Bratter, a recent home buyer. “But we found out that designing a house to our taste was very appealing.”

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